I write to process and digest the world around me. I started my first online blog Maus & Nugget during the first year of motherhood back in 2009 - gathering and sharing the trials and triumphs of that year of so many firsts. The good, the bad and everything in between. Since then, the blogs have each taken a different form but they always wove together the same ingredients: my observations, my questions, my honesty and my insights for whatever content or project happened to be taking up space in my life. Where I've landed is on Substack with Closed on Sundays -  a catchy phrase and mindset that reminds me to create space for more play, more reflection, more tech free time and more connection. And it's a mix of things with a shared intention, just like me. 

I am a traveler and a homebody. I crave solitude but love bringing people together. I am a mom to boys. I love peonies and pigmy goats, Christmastime and fleamarkets. I am a city girl living in the suburbs. I used to have a seated meditation practice - now I steal moments during the day, whenever I can. I trust this too shall pass. I am learning to say no when it matters and yes when I mean it. I accept that there will always be a stain on my new white shirt. I think kindness is our greatest gift to each other. I just keep writing stuff down. Because when I put words on paper I feel the most like myself.

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