Closed on Sundays.

A catchy phrase and mindset that reminds me to create space for more play, more reflection, more tech free time and more connection. It's a mix of things with a shared intention, just like me.

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2 suitcases, 2 kids, 14 countries, 14 months.

My place to share the observations & thoughts about the questions, joys and challenges that arose as we broke out of daily habits, routine and norms, over and over again.

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Project: Haus

We bought an old haus in October 2012, started the design process in 2013. Construction started officially in 2014

and a year and a few days later, it officially ended.

My place to digest the messy and the mundane and everything else.

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Maus & Nugget.

Sometimes I discovered a tiny pair of socks in my pocket. Sometimes I discovered a well of endless patience at 3 o'clock in the morning.

My place to share the first year of motherhood, as it was for me, taken one discovery and day at a time.

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Circle the Pacific.

He was born in Texas. She was born in Germany. He grew up in Germany. She grew up in California. They would meet in a bar in San Francisco.


And somehow, at the same time, both wanted to explore the world, together.

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